My First Post

Greetings from southern Wisconsin!  This is my first attempt at a blog in a very long time.  I have written some blogs in years past, and for whatever reason, they died out.  I’m hoping for a longer run this time around.

I suppose the pertinent question would be, “why a blog?”  Well, why not?!  I’ve had an itch to write for a long time, and I could never really figure out what to write.  I think that by starting with a blog, I can see what I want to do and go from there.  Years and years ago, I did quite a bit of creative writing and I enjoyed doing it.  It allowed me to escape into a fantasy world of my own choosing and to see how things played out.  That’s one of the reasons I love to read today.  It is an escape into a fantasy world, although not one of my own creation.  So, someday I would love to be able to start up with creative writing again and have my own fantasy world.

What will this blog be about?  Good question!  I have no idea.  I think that it will primarily serve as a platform for me to write about whatever is on my mind.  Narcissistic?  Sure, but I’m also open to ideas.  I hope that as I go along with this, people will be drawn to it and I’ll build a bit of a following.

A bit more about me so you know who you are reading or choosing to ignore.  I’m a 44 year old guy who grew up in Michigan, moved away for 20 years, and have boomeranged back to the Great Lakes region.  I’m a proud Michigan State grad (hence the Spartan) and avid Spartan athletics fan.  I moved to Wisconsin with my significant other just a hair over a year ago after nearly 20 years away from this part of the country (2 years in Kansas, 18  years in Colorado).  We rented a house in McFarland the past year, and just bought a beautiful house on an acre and a half along the Sugar River just outside of Brodhead.  It is our own little slice of paradise, and I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful woman to share it with.

I work in IT as a desktop engineer for a large software company just outside of Madison.  It has been an adventure changing jobs after being with the same company for nearly 15 years.  I decided it was time for a change of both job and scenery when I made the move here.  Neither one of us has regretted it one bit.  She was able to keep her job with the company I left (we met at work), and relocate out here.  It was the best of both worlds.

I have an almost 17 year old son who lives out of state.  He’s a pretty amazing kid, and is looking at going to school here in Wisconsin for college.  He wants to be a Badger if he can get in, and he’s working hard towards that goal.  I would love to have him around for his college years.

That’s a bit about me.  Oh, my name is Chris.  I’m wanting to stay semi-anonymous here, so first name only.  Although, anyone who does know me and stumbles across this blog will know exactly who I am.  That’s ok, though.  I’m not trying to advertise the blog or anything like that, so anonymity is good.

So, this was the first post!  I hope that if you did stumble across this site, you enjoyed what you read.  I have no fixed timeline or schedule of postings that I want to do.  Maybe three or four some weeks, maybe just one or two in others.  If you, dear reader, wishes a specific topic, just let me know.  Otherwise, it will likely be whatever is on my mind.  Take care, and see you next time.

39 thoughts on “My First Post

  1. hello chris! good to see you here, I wish you all the very best for your blogging journey! Don’t worry about past work/blogs. You will be amazing this time cheers!!
    I have some posts on my blog, I hope it would be helpful for your as a new blogger.

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  2. All the best, Chris. I worked in IT for a while at another university, and found it difficult to write much, so I sympathize. But in the last two years before I retired, I was slowly easing myself out and had more time, and took the blog route to get back to writing, which is where I really should have been all those years. Good luck! Oh, and ignore the blog stats for the first year, mostly. It takes some track record to find your voice, and worrying about ‘likes’ and follows can be discouraging in the early days.

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  3. Hi Chris! I think your reasons for writing a blog are great- the challenge is just to ‘write’ I think…I love writing too, writing a blog is the best incentive to sit down and write! Gook luck! btw I write under a sort of pseudonym as well…but my home page tells exactly who I am.. Camellia is a composite of all the southern women I know or have known!

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  4. Funny I stumbled across your page today… In fact the first one I’ve read from the new blogger forum and you and I are practically neighbors and same age. Lol… Living in Janesville now, used to be in Monroe. Glad to see a local on WordPress. Take care Chris and have a wonderful day.

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  5. HI Chris, I found your link in the comment section of the “first post friday”. I write on my WordPress blog since 2011, so, I’ve been around for a while. I think we have a few things in common, I started my blog back then for the same reason you mentioned, the “why not?” reason. Also, there is no clear direction and I can tell you that this works well if you mix things up a bit on your blog. As same as for the semi-anonymous blogging, I do the same, my readers know me as Dennis or Dennis from Germany, and while I write some personal stories, it’s extremely unlikely that someone could stalk me or something, because my writing style doesn’t allow it… my readers know my city for example, but since this is a big one, and since I never mentioned the district, it would be hard to find me 🙂 Just saying, because what you plan to do, is working in my case since 2011. Welcome aboard, have a lot of fun with blogging!

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  6. brianm2016

    Hi Chris,

    You do have a poetic way of writing and yet it comes across as very natural. Your site looks very welcoming and I hope you get other visitors as well. I too have come to visit your site as well as many others from the “My First Blog” that was issued earlier today. Feel free to visit mine if interested.


    New Posts:

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  7. carliem

    I like your honest way of writing. And I identify with your reason for blogging too – I’ve just started myself, and following that urge to write and exploring creative writing is why I am here too. I wish you all the best on your blogging journey 🙂

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  8. Keep going Chris. I read every word of your blog and really enjoyed your introduction. I’d love to hear more about your slice of paradise and about the great State of Wisconsin. I live in VA and love it, but always reading to hear and see more of the USA. Keep blogging!

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  9. I enjoyed your first post and am glad you decided to try blogging again. I hope you love it as much as I do. The WordPress community is so supportive and positive.

    I’m impressed with the success of the First Friday event. It brought a lot of people to your blog!!!

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  10. jhosack87

    Hi Chris! It’s extremely nice to meet you. There are so many things I can say about your post. I love the way in which you write. It somewhat reminds me of my style, so maybe I’m a bit biased. I love the free-flow of thoughts as it helps me to read it in a more fluid fashion without having to go back to the last paragraph and figure out where I missed something. I’m certainly going to subscribe to your blog and I do hope you have a longer run this time.

    I, too, have a hard time continuously writing. My autoethnography profession, Dr. Chris Poulos from UNCG (which makes me a Spartan as well, odd world), always explained writing as a muscle. You just have to work it out as much as you can. Write, edit, rewrite, repeat.

    Thanks so much for your blog and I look forward to the subscription! If you are interested in anything I’ve put up you can find it here!

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  11. reinvisionreality

    Great time to start a blog! Change is always the best catalyst, and especially change into a settled life in the midst of nature! All the best!

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  12. Hello Chris ! I like that you tell us something about yourself. Some bloggers are very good at writing but when I want to know who they are I can’t find anything! I think writing blog posts have helped me to be more bold about my past and present! I am not new in blogging but like to keep on learning also as I am Danish and it takes longer to get used to ALL the possibilities we have in WordPress

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  13. Great introduction. You did a great job with your introduction. I think you are going to be great at this. Half the battle is getting more than a few sentences together! I hope you’ll stop by and check out my blog. I look forward to watching your blog develop. Rebel

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  14. Hi, I really enjoyed reading your blog. Like so many others have already said it was great to read someone telling us about yourself and in such an honest and simple way. I am totally new to blogging and hope to publish y first one in he next day or so but for the same reason as you. I’ll be following your journey, thanks for sharing it and keep up the great stuff mate.

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  15. Hi from New Zealand. I’ve just checked out your blog and very much enjoyed your writing style. It’s interesting to get a little bit of a glimpse into someone else’s word somewhere across the globe. Was scary that you call yourself middle aged – I’m a few years older than you and didn’t think I’d quite hit the middle years yet 😉 Power of self delusion, no doubt.
    Best of luck with your blog – you seem to be off to a great start.

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  16. Chris,

    I’m a complete newbie to blogging. I really like the way your page lays out – so easy to navigate and with the different categories so you’re not stuck with a single topic. Could you tell me what template this is? Thanks so much. Jule

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  17. Hi from Florida! (an Ohio transplant – as another blogger put it) Good luck on the new start to blogging. I like the photo at the top and wanted to know if you took it. It looks a little cold outside! Great intro – I don’t know what I am writing about other than me and my dog. So best of luck to you.

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