I am a golfer.  Not a great one.  Hell, not even a particularly good one.  However, it is an activity I enjoy immensely.

I had been out once before this year back in February during a very unseasonable warm stretch, but that was just to a small executive course close to where we lived previously.  Today was the first time out “for real” this season, and it felt wonderful.  I shot a 143 for 18 holes (see, told you I wasn’t good), but I managed to shave off 15 strokes between the front and back 9.

For me, golf is a great way to just get a little exercise with some purpose behind it.  I generally don’t use a power cart, although for Christmas this past year, we got each other a pull cart for our clubs.  It makes the walking a little easier.  If I play as much this year as I’m hoping to, I should be in better shape than I am now.  This course is hilly, and there’s some distance between some of the greens and the next tees.  I know that I will be sore tomorrow, both upper and lower body!

This course is just down the road from the new house, and we decided to splurge and become members.  I figure that in the long run, we will be playing at a discount because I’m hoping to get out 3-4 times a week, especially as summer gets here.  There’s no reason I can’t squeeze 9 holes in after work!  It’s not the fanciest course, but it suits us just fine.

That’s about all for today.  Until next time….

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