Living In the Woods


I’m a really lucky guy.  This is part of what I get to come home to every day.  I have a slightly longer commute than I used to, but when I pull into the driveway and step out of the car and hear the birds and smell the fresh air, everything just melts away.

It really reminds me of the house that my family built when I was in high school.  We bought the land from my grandparents on a tiny lake in the northwest part of the lower  peninsula of Michigan.  It was a gorgeous setting.  I only lived there full time for about a year and a half before going off to college, but it was always home to me.  My mom and step-dad sold the place several years ago, so it is no longer in the family.

So, when we were looking at houses and came across this one, memories of the “lake house” jumped to the forefront.  I knew by just looking at the property before even getting into the house that this was the one.  It was a chilly winter’s day when we looked at the place, but that didn’t diminish the beauty.  It has been exciting to see the seasonal transformation of the place from when we first looked at the house in early February through the closing in early April to today.  I know that the transformation will keep on going through the rest of the spring, into summer and beyond to fall.

One of the things I like to do when I get home is get the dog out and take a walk to the point at the end of the property.  The picture above was taken yesterday and is part of the path out there.  It’s a great way to unwind and see the changes that nature brings.  I keep hoping to see the sandhill cranes that I can hear every morning and evening, but no luck yet.  There are quite a few geese around, though.

It’s a little piece of paradise, and we are lucky to be here.

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