First off, I have to say “Wow!!”  I posted the link to my first post on “Welcome to First Friday” on The Daily Post blog, and I’m blown away by the comments, likes, follows, etc.  Thank you so much to every one who has taken the time to come in and take a look around at my writings thus far, not to mention commenting on them.  I hope I can keep you around as loyal readers in the months and years to come.  I welcome any and all feedback.

Ok, on to the post.  I don’t know about you, but I’m glad that it is Friday and the weekend is nearly upon us.  The weather should be decent both tomorrow and Sunday, so it will allow us to get out and do some work in the yard.  The previous owners of the house had put in some amazing flower beds based on pictures that we have seen.  Thanks to the rain and warmer weather we have been having, we are starting to see that first hand.  The problem is those beds have lots of leaves and other junk in them from the dormant season, so we need to do some raking and other clearing of things.  Because we are out in the sticks, we can burn this stuff, although I’m a little paranoid about doing that.  I suppose if we have a hose or some buckets of water nearby, it will mitigate that risk.

My SO loves getting her hands dirty and doing some gardening.  She will have lots of space to work with, and I know she has been antsy about getting outside and starting on that.  There probably won’t be much planting done for another few weeks.  It is still early May and we are in Wisconsin, so there is always the off-chance for another frost or two.

Also on the agenda is a trip over to our county seat of Monroe.  We’ve done some exploration of Green County since we’ve been in Wisconsin, but have yet to get to Monroe.  I think we have gotten as far as New Glarus, which is an amazing little town that cranks out some incredible beer that is only available in Wisconsin.  If you ever find yourself in the state, get a pint of Spotted Cow.  You won’t be disappointed.  I have all sorts of thoughts of the food we’ve discovered here, but that will probably wait for another post.

What is in Monroe?  I’m not really sure!  I know there are some stores there that aren’t in Brodhead, and there are some great restaurants from what I’ve heard.  I’m sure that we will be checking both stores and food out.

Brodhead is a town that isn’t really close to anything, but isn’t all that far, either.  We are about 40 minutes south of Madison, and 25-30 minutes west of Janesville.  Those are the two largest cities that are closest to us.  We are in the Madison area every weekday for work, so we spent a little bit of time in Janesville last weekend doing some shopping.  We will see what Monroe has to offer this weekend.

I do enjoy our semi-remoteness from these larger places.  I may not at some point when I realize that I don’t have something that I need and it’s an hour round trip to get it.  But, we will get used to that and try to plan accordingly.

I think that I’m going to wrap up these ramblings for now.  Thanks again to everyone who has checked out my first few posts and the blog in general.  I hope to keep you guys around and entertained.  Until next time!!


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