This weekend seemed to be a prime time for wildlife in the yard.  In addition to the usual plethora of birds, we were visited by deer twice on Saturday.  The picture below is of poor quality, so I apologize for that.  Using the camera on the phone to zoom through the screen doesn’t work so well.


We had a total of five come by and enjoy the honeysuckle that was growing in the yard.  I don’t know if it was five different deer, or just 3.  We had a pair stop by around 10 am (that’s when the picture above was taken).  They stuck around for a while before taking off across the driveway and back into the denser woods.  A couple of hours later, a group of 3 made an appearance.  They weren’t here as long.  Our dog, Homer, decided he needed to let those deer know they were encroaching on his territory, so he was barking at them through the window.  They weren’t happy, and took off.  Hopefully, though, that’s not the last of them.

I was hanging out in my little office at home on Sunday, and saw a pair of cardinals hanging out at the bird feeder.  I grabbed my camera this time, and managed to get a few shots of them (see below).

I love the variety of what we see on a daily basis.  There are dozens of birds that visit the feeders (along with squirrels).  We need to get a bird book so we can start identifying those that we don’t know.  We have the cardinals, blue jays, doves, finches, cow birds, but also many that we don’t have the first clue about.  There’s also at least a pair of owls about that we hear on a regular basis, but have only managed to catch quick glimpses of from time to time.

Tess, our cat, loves the birds, too.  She can sit in the window and watch them for hours.  We let her out occasionally, but she wears a collar with a bell on it to give the birds a bit of advance warning when she comes around.

In addition to the birds, we see quite the variety of animal life just driving along.  There are a handful of Amish or Mennonite homesteads just down the road.  These typically have horses and cows.  One has a whole bunch of goats.  I love goats.  I find them to be endlessly entertaining and I’m always tempted to stop.  But, I don’t want to encroach on their privacy, so I drive along and chuckle at the latest antics.

There’s also a house where we have seen a sheep, an alpaca, and a goat out grazing/cutting the grass.  I know that sounds like a bad joke, but it’s true.  I don’t think any of the animals live there, because I have never seen a pen or other fencing to keep them in.  But, they’ve been out a few times trimming the grass.  Very clever, and I’m a tad jealous.  Maybe we will have to look into renting out the neighborhood sheep to mow the yard.

Thanks again for stopping by to read my ramblings.  Have a wonderful day!!

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