Going to Town

Living in the sticks requires a bit more forethought and planning at times.  I remember this from my high school years as we lived about 5 miles from a very small town, and I’m relearning that now.

It isn’t necessarily a simple matter of running to the corner store if we are out of milk or want to get something quick for dinner.  There is a grocery store in town, so we aren’t completely out of luck if we need something quick.

However, trips to box stores do necessitate more planning.  The closest are in Janesville, about 25-30 minutes away or Madison, about 40 minutes away.  If we are really on the ball, we will stop by one of those places after work or over lunch since we are already up there.  Otherwise, it is a trip on the weekend, usually over to Janesville.

In some ways it is reminiscent of days gone by, when the bulk of the population lived outside of town on farms.  Going to town was a big thing, almost an event.  I think for the most part, those living on farms had most of what they needed on a day to day basis.  But, occasionally, they needed more than what they or a neighbor had.  Thus, going to town.

As I wrote in a post this past week, I like the solitude that comes with living where we do.  So, I view trips to town in that light.  It’s a necessity sometimes, but it makes me appreciate the quiet when I get back home even more.


2 thoughts on “Going to Town

  1. I totally understand! We’re about 10 miles from our nearest town and 30 from the nearest city (Eau Claire). Another thing to remember is that in a small town many stores are closed on Sundays and some are only open until noon on Saturday – like our hardware store. I make a big trip into the city about once every four weeks – usually dictated by when we need to get diapers from Sam’s club.

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  2. It used to be like this for us too. Hopefully in the future it will be again! Now we live near Harmony Elementary. It’s close to Sams Club. Nice area, but I miss the wide open space that we had before. Have a Happy Sunday!

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