Character Development

I successfully completed the first course on Plot Development, so now it is on to character development.  Here’s my first week’s assignment.  Basically, we were asked to pick a couple of characters from a movie or book that we were familiar with and identify their primary desire.  Then, we were to create our own character, provide them with a brief intro and then write a 400 word scene with our character and one of the characters we picked.  Here’s my submission…

I have chosen two characters from Stephen King’s multi-book series of The Dark Tower:  Roland and Eddie.  Roland’s sole focus is to reach the magical Dark Tower.  It is believed to be the center of Roland’s world, and has great power over it.  He has no other desire or ambition.  Eddie is a traveling partner grabbed from the streets of New York and brought to this different world.  Eddie’s initial desire is to score a heroin fix.  However, as the series goes on, Roland’s quest becomes his as well.  So, his ambition is to reach the Dark Tower as well as keep his wife, Susannah safe as they travel.


My character is Thomas.  He is a drifter traveling the opposite direction of Roland and his companions, and the scene below is his encounter with Roland (with many apologies to Stephen King).


“Hail, wanderer,” Thomas said to the curious looking man who approached him.

Roland cautiously approached the wiry individual that stood before him.  He was a bit shorter, perhaps standing around five foot, seven inches.  He wore a pair of canvas leggings that hung limply from his slight frame, and was practically swallowed whole in the threadbare woolen serape top.

“Hail to you, too,” came the response.

Thomas squinted his brown eyes and let out a strange sound.  “Are you a Gunslinger?”

“I am,” Roland replied.  “Are you a wanderer?”

“Yes, I am.  I am heading to Mid-World to seek my fortune.  Have been for many years, but things do not always cooperate for me, so I am left in places like this from time to time.  Where are you headed?”

Roland wasn’t sure he wanted to tell the truth, but felt like this drifter in front of him posed no threat.  “The Dark Tower.”

The gasp was audible from Thomas.  “The Dark Tower?  That is a cursed place, Gunslinger.  Many may attempt it, but no one ever makes it.  You must be touched to chase after such madness.”

“Aye, perhaps.  But it is what I seek, what I am compelled to seek.”

The scraggly drifter shook his head.  “Best of luck to thee, then.  Gods know you will need every last bit of it.”

Roland nodded his head in agreement.  “Best of luck to you as well.  Any journey these days regardless of the direction can be a perilous one.”

“Indeed.  There is something unsettling across the land, and it is causing some very odd things to happen.”  Thomas went into detail as he described an encounter he had with what could only be described by Roland’s companions as a “robot” of some sorts.  It caused him to flee an abandoned encampment quite rapidly about a fortnight back.  “I never had seen such a thing, but had only heard about these things in the stories the elders told years ago.  I thought they were mad telling such tales, but it is true.”

“These are interesting times, to be sure.  Best of luck to you, wanderer.  May you seek what you are looking for. “

“And you as well, Gunslinger.  It’s a damned fool’s errand if you ask me, but you as well.”

Thomas shuffled past Roland and continued his trek to Mid-World, shaking his head as he went by to reveal his true feelings of the Gunslinger’s errand.

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