I know that previously in this space, I’ve disavowed the idea of resolutions and what not for the New Year.  I suppose, though, that this does fall into that category of things.

One “thing” that I want to do is write more and be more consistent in churning out posts for this blog.  Since I started, it appears that I would churn a few out in a short period of time and then just let things sit there for a longer period of time.

I have learned over the years that any task or activity that you do on a regular basis is more likely to stick than one that is done only occasionally.  I have found that I’m a bit more at peace and mentally aware when I write on a regular basis; so by setting a goal to get an entry posted each week,I will be writing on a regular basis!

What will I be writing about?  Good question.  I’m not exactly sure.  I imagine that I will continue my random ramblings about things and life, but I may also tackle some other topics as they come up.

Another idea that I have been mulling over is to start another blog dealing with politics and current events.  I’ve always been a keen student of history and politics in general, so I thought perhaps I could start something in that vein.  This blog, though, will remain politics free.

Other goals for the year include the typical weight loss and exercise goals.  It is something that I’ve struggled with for years, and I would really like to make some progress this year in getting some of that off.  About six years ago, I managed to lose a very significant amount of weight and even run a marathon.  My goals this time around aren’t as big.  I honestly don’t want to commit the time needed to train for such a thing, but I would like to wear clothes that are a few sizes smaller than what I currently wear.

A nature goal I have in mind is to spruce up the property some.  We have an “infestation” of European Honeysuckle trees that are rapidly taking things over.  They are dense and fast growing at the expense of other native plants and trees.  I want to get as many of them cleared out as I can so perhaps we can plant some native trees and shrubs instead.  They do provide a great foliage barrier, but they can quickly get out of control.  I think that is something I would like to do still this winter as I can navigate among the brush easier than once leaves start popping out.

We have had one summer in the house, so we have an idea of what to expect when it comes to the growing season, the soil conditions, and how things look overall.  Much of what I have in mind is cosmetic, although by paring back on trees and bushes, it does allow for more room for other plants that either pop up on their own or those that we plant.  I do want to avoid tangling with the poison ivy like I did last summer.  That made for an unpleasant few weeks.

As the snow has been melting during our warmer weather and rain snaps, I see the unsightly leaves that we didn’t get cleaned up during the fall.  Once the snow melts for good in the spring, clearing those out will be the first task.  From there, I’m not sure.  I have ideas, but nothing concrete just yet.  I do know that it is easier to tackle a lot of this stuff before things really start growing.  Given the timing of move in last year, we didn’t have much time to do that, so this year will be different.

Other goals relate to reading.  I’ve decided that over the course of the next however long, I’m going to get through one biography of every President.  I’m sure that for many of you that sounds excruciating.  By the time I’m done with them all, I may very well be in agreement.  We will see.  So far, I’ve completed Washington, Adams, and Jefferson.  I’ve read biographies of these three before, so in many ways, it was a rehashing of things I already knew.  As far as Adams and Jefferson go, though, I did choose to read works that I hadn’t previously read.  So, there was some new insight provided there.  From here on out, though, it’s new territory.  I’ve read extensively on Lincoln, so when I get there, that will be a refresher, too.  The history geek in me is very excited for this undertaking.  We will see how excited I still am after 2o or so of these.

I think I’ve written enough for this time around.  As always, thanks for reading and have a wonderful week!



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