Weird Weather

I’m in week two of my new plan to crank out an entry a week!

I realize that I had put out a similar post about five or six weeks ago, but I tend to get a bit obsessive about winter, so here you go.  This has been a very odd winter in terms of weather so far.  We’ve gone from mild to cold to mild to cold and back to mild again.  As the calendar went from October to November, I prepared myself for the cooling temperatures and the snow that was to come.  The problem was that it didn’t come.  Temps stayed above average through most of November and I don’t recall seeing even a flurry of snow drifting in the air.

December came along, and we seemed to make up for the mild weather with a vengeance.  Temps dropped and we had three consecutive weekends with measurable snowfall.  We were on pace to blow by the amount of snowfall from last winter in a very short period of time.  And then the snow stopped.  I think we have had one snowfall of about half an inch in the past month.

The temperature since December has been more or less seasonal up until the past few days.  We have had two really cold snaps with sub-zero temperatures that each lasted about three or four days.  So, despite the lack of snow, it was feeling a bit more like winter than it had been.

This week, though, we’ve been pelted with rain and freezing rain which has made travel ugly.  From Sunday through Wednesday morning, going out and driving to work was a challenge.  Schools were closed and travel advisories were issued.  I generally don’t mind driving in snow, but ice is something else.

To top things off, Wednesday and Thursday mornings also had the added obstacle of heavy fog.  There were stretches where I was looking at the shoulder of the road as I was driving to make sure that I was staying where I should be.  I’m very glad that there wasn’t the added worry of snow or ice.

Our temperatures have been rising, with us having highs hovering around 50 this weekend.  That’s not normal.  I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop.  We were talking about this at work the other day, and one of my co-workers (who happens to be a Wisconsin native) said that Second Winter will be here soon and we will be wondering if this warm snap was even real.  He’s likely right.  I do remember some very frigid weather in February last year, so I’m certain we will have more cold and snow coming.

I worry that this is likely a permanent trend.  I’m not interested in getting into a debate over the merits of climate change, but I do believe it is a real thing.  Last summer saw some very abnormal stretches of extremely hot weather (for Wisconsin, anyway) and these winter temperature fluctuations aren’t good in the grand scheme of things.

I suppose the good news about the warmer weather is that it will allow me to get out this weekend and cut down some of those pesky trees that I mentioned in an earlier post without freezing.  If it isn’t pouring rain, this will be a good weekend for such an endeavor as well as some other outdoor projects that can get done.

Regardless of the weather this weekend and how much I get done, though, come 2:05 pm Central Standard Time on Sunday, I will be inside watching the Green Bay Packers playing for a spot in the Super Bowl.  Go Pack Go!!!  See you all next week!






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