Parenthood, Part 2

So, it has been awhile since I’ve put anything up here.  Good intentions and all that.  I have no excuse other than I’ve let it go by the wayside.  Looking at the date on my last post, I realize it has been nearly a month.  I don’t want to go that long again, but stuff happens.

I had planned to put together a potpourri type of post, but instead, I am going to start with where I left off after my last post:  my son and his college application adventures.

I’m going to start by saying that the past few days for him have been brutal.  I know that such claims are often exaggerated, but I don’t believe that is the case here.  He’s had a bit of a bumpy school year and I attribute most of that to fear of the unknown.  Well, events from this past week really added to his stress.

His grandmother (mom’s mom) passed away on Sunday morning.  I think the death was a bit of a surprise to the family, but they were grateful that she went quickly.  That had been her hope when the time came.  I had known her for nearly 22 years, and she was always struggling with one health issue or another.  She was a character, and I’ll miss her even though my contact with her after my divorce was very limited.

So, that’s one event.  Later that day, my son found out that his favorite teacher and mentor was killed in an auto accident on Saturday night.  He was hit head on by a driver traveling at a high rate of speed going the wrong direction on a divided highway.  The driver was being pursued by the police after a road rage incident and was also likely intoxicated.  Last I had heard, he was in critical condition in an Oklahoma City hospital and had been charged with murder.

The teacher was one of those men that had a positive influence on everyone he came in contact with, and his loss is a huge blow to the community at large.  I never had the honor of meeting him, and I was hoping to have that chance at graduation in May.  Unfortunately, that will not happen.  Much of my son’s current path and decision making was based on advice given by this man.  He will be missed.

The third blow came on Monday when he heard that another teacher at the school passed away after a battle with Cancer.  This teacher had just been at school on the Friday before visiting students and staff.  I cannot imagine what the school community is going through, let alone my son.  To lose one teacher is bad, but two in a matter of a few days is heartbreaking.

So, out of all that sadness, there was a burst of joy and happiness.  He received his acceptance letter from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.  He was thrilled and relieved.  Now, a disclaimer from dad…I knew he had been accepted.  He had actually received an email regarding his application for the residence halls.  I called the admissions office and checked to see if perhaps he missed the acceptance letter.  They said that the letter went out the day before I called and that he would be receiving it soon.  So, I hid the secret for a week.

But, now he knows what he is doing come fall.  It is a relief for us all and it did provide some happiness in an otherwise dark week.  I am proud of him for how he his handling all of this.  He did confess to me on Wednesday of this past week that he really misses people in general.  He’s moved around quite a bit during his younger years and recently had a falling out with some of his friends at school.  I’m hoping that he can get through this final push and when he gets out here for college that he will have a good set of friends to get him through things.

That’s it for this week.  I hope to be back next week and talk about gardens and bees.  Thanks for reading.